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Should I Worry About Demonic Attack?

It is quite obvious we live in a culture very different from that of the biblical authors. For them, everyday life was filled with interaction with spiritual realities, and their lives revolved around these realities.  They understood angels to be immanent and communicating with man ( Hebrews 13:2 ), and   demons   to be quite active in the world around them ( Ephesians 6:12 ;   1 Peter 5:8 ). We, however, live in Modernity — a world of high skepticism, Scientism, and even nihilism. The prevailing worldview isn’t a supernatural one, but a radical worldview of Naturalism.  We’ve grown in the knowledge of our environment, psychology, and medicine, and we understand that environmental issues, psychological trauma, psychiatric illness, and various physical illnesses that were once seen as evidence of demonic activity are in actuality very organic in nature. With this in mind, should we then worry about demons today? Are Demons a Reality? While it is indeed true that we have a better unders

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