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Ghost Hunting Absurdities: Paranormal Lapses in Logic

The Christian Demonologist must navigate chill waters in canyons of the unknown .  Proficiency arrives only from scripture, and higher powers of vindication , and apologia .  There are assists —one support is the scientific method whereby a hypothesis is reconnoitered into what is hopefully a n observable, sane conclusion .  Anomalistic psychology, parapsychology, medicine—all disciplines that can clarify events that are otherwise indescribable .   There are no tomes with titles like Demons for Dummies — however this does bring us to the paranormal community , and the Poseidon-like capsizing of that boat back there in the unknown canyon .   If spiritual warfare is primed by the gospel, and cognizant of physical science, contemporary ghost hunting—the thick , cracked cranium of nineteenth century spiritualism--is au courant with the latest superstitions up to, and including table tipping, and having some non-denominational sham an smudge with sage while reciting Frankenstein ’s

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